Our vision and values, the history of Medley, the current staff team, and our commitment to sustainability.

Medley Hall’s objective is to provide an intellectually and socially invigorating residential community for students of the University of Melbourne, especially under-represented and disadvantaged students, and to enable all residents to benefit from the personal and academic support of the College.

We hold the following values true within the Medley Community and promote the following:

  • Hope: a future made better through learning and the creation of knowledge
  • Respect: for individual difference, the community, the rights of others
  • Responsibility: for the physical and social environment, for individual action
  • Desire: to achieve high standards in academic, personal, intellectual, cultural and social life
  • Inclusion: of students who stand to give to and gain from communal living
  • Support: for all members of the Medley Hall community and the strategic aims of the University of Melbourne, particularly access and equity

We look forward to welcoming you into our Community and supporting you through your academic journey and living experience.