Medley is lead by a small team committed to ensuring the academic and personal success of our students.

Helen Lamb

Dr Helen Lamb, Principal

Helen joined Medley Hall as the Deputy Principal in 2017 and is currently Principal following the retirement of Phillippa Connelly at the end of 2019.  She is responsible for the day to day running of the College and for enacting its vision provide an intellectually and socially invigorating residential community for students of the University of Melbourne, especially under-represented and disadvantaged students.

Helen has an undergraduate degree in Physical Geography and PhD  from Bristol University in the UK. Since moving to Australia in 2004, Helen has worked in various administrative, student-support, and management roles at Melbourne University.  She has been a sustainability advocate all her working life and enjoys leading and supporting others to create positive change.

Image of Fi

Fi Belcher,  Deputy Principal

As Acting Deputy Principal, Fi is responsible for the student tutorial and academic support program. She also supports the  Principal in all aspects of running the College.

Fi is a non-Indigenous student and educator who completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) majoring in Australian Indigenous Studies in 2011. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Education. Fi grew up on Kheeray Whurrong Country along the Great Ocean Road, to which she frequently returns. She loves discussing ideas, and assisting students in the brainstorming and structuring phases of essay writing. Fi also enjoys running, swimming, hiking and yoga.

Effie Maniatis

Effie Maniatis, Business Manager

Effie Maniatis has been Business Manager since 2002. She manages the financial and physical resources of the college, has a vast knowledge of the workings of the University and is the go to person for all residents, staff and guests. She enjoys getting to know all the residents, so be sure to drop into the office for a chat.

Desi Pastras

Desi Pastras, Adminstrative Assistant

Desi joined the team in 2013. Before coming to Medley she worked as a  teacher and  in administration at Melbourne University.  She supports students with resources to assist them in their transition to University life and manages the recital series as well as the Medley website.