Fees and Fee-support

Information on what is included in the residential fee and what financial support is available to help with college living expenses.


Living at Medley Hall can be more affordable than private accommodation, especially when you look at the additional pastoral, social and academic support that is provided.

Fees 2019 (Undergraduate and graduate students)

Single semester fees, Semester 2 2019

Residential fee $14,971

The fee covers a 19 week stay and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week; all utility bills and internet for 19 weeks of the year. It also includes GST, a $500 bond (refunded after the room is left clean and free of damage) compulsory student club fee, enrolment fee, and access to study and recreation facilities.

Full year fees

Residential fee $29,484 (includes student club fee and enrolment fee)

Bond $500 (refunded after the room is left tidy and free of damage)

The Residential fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week; all utility bills and internet access for 39 weeks of the year. It also includes GST, cleaning, compulsory student club fee, enrolment fee, and access to study and recreation facilities.

A non-refundable deposit of $2000, plus bond are required to secure a place which is offset against Semester 2 fees.

Please note that from 2019 students are no longer required to leave Medley Hall during the mid-year break.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Can't afford us? Medley Hall offers bursaries to eligible students experiencing financial hardship. Melbourne Access Scholars are eligible for guaranteed places if applications are received prior to the end of December.

Medley Hall Bursaries

It is our aim to make a place at Medley Hall available to students who have been accepted into their course at the University and who would otherwise be unable to experience the benefits of living in a college community. All students may apply for bursary support, which is subject to a means test developed in collaboration with Student Financial Aid.

Bursary assistance is largely funded by philanthropic donation and comes with the expectation that those who benefit will reciprocate by taking on responsibilities within the College and the wider community. It is our hope and expectation that students who are helped in this way will in their turn "pass it on" when they are able to do so in the future.

The process for applying for a Medley Hall bursary is as follows:

  1. Apply for a residential place at Medley Hall (link to applications)
  2. Once your residential application has been processed, submit the Bursary Application form which is available by contacting Medley Hall. Please note that applications for bursaries close on 15th February of each year for Semester 1.  Semester 2 bursary applications are assessed prior to the commencement of Semester 2.

Cybec Foundation

Cybec logo

The Cybec Foundation, founded by Roger Riordan has supported a growing number of Medley students since 2006 and the donation of $1 million played a vital role in Medley Hall's recent renovations and building works. The Foundation has set up a number of scholarships in several different fields of study, and has funded a number of major charitable and environmental projects.

The aims of the Foundation include:

  • Encouraging academic excellence
  • Assisting the less fortunate
  • Caring for the environment
  • Supporting the Arts

In 2013 the Foundation purchased a pair of terrace houses at 101-3 Drummond Street, Carlton (just up the road from Medley Hall), which after modernising to meet current regulations, will be used for student accommodation, in conjunction with Medley Hall

Melbourne Access Scholars

Melbourne Access Scholars who apply to Medley Hall before the end of each year can be guaranteed a place in the College. Students who apply after tertiary offers are announced may still be offered a place but this will depend on availability.

Melbourne Access Scholarship winners and students offered a place at the University of Melbourne through the Access Melbourne scheme are also eligible for bursary supported places at Medley Hall, subject to the means test.

Bachelor of Design DELWP Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Medley Hall and the University of Melbourne have partnered together to introduce the. This opportunity is available to students commencing the Bachelor of Design in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning from 2017 onwards.

The DELWP Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship aims to support the diversification of our student cohort and, consequently, of future urban planning professionals entering the workforce who will go on to shape our urban environment. The best way to facilitate a robust and inclusive urban planning agenda and future for Victoria is to ensure that the planners themselves are from diverse backgrounds.

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