Teak Grogan - 2021

'At Medley I like having many people that I know and can talk to all the time, like a giant family!'.

Teak Grogan
Teak is currently is in his First year of Biomedicine. Pronouns 'he/him'

After studying year 12 mostly online at home during COVID I wanted to experience the independence of living at a college, as well as being close to campus to feel part of University life.

Medley appealed to because my Uncle was here in 1986. He is even in a college photo on the wall! I talked to him about his experience and he had a lot of fun here. It’s also in the best location – close to the city with lots of things available to do.

Without the financial support from the Cybec foundation I wouldn’t have been be able to come to college.  For me, the experience has meant independence and being able to make own decisions. Sometimes the freedom and responsibility is challenging, but its also exciting.

At Medley I like having many people that I know and can talk to all the time, like a giant family! Anywhere I go there are friends and people that I know.  Since being here I’ve done at lot, I’ve participated in every ICAC event (Intercollegiate Activities Council) except the musical.  Taking part in step up (the IC dance competition)   was really cool because it was good to do something as part of a team, to see our progress, and to achieve something at the end (Medley won step up this year).

Having other people around that are studying such amazing things is great. The Intercollegiate  tutorial program is helpful and being so close to Uni, I also like studying in the library.

I was elected as secretary of the student club in April. Being part of the SC means that I can do something, have an impact, play a part in how things work. I like to do things and make a difference where I live.

Anything I do I want to give it 100%   If I do karate, I want to push myself as much as I can.  The same goes for my academic life.  I want to achieve the best grades.  I’m not sure what I want to do as a future career.  I’m excited by so many things.  I’m interested in the Masters of Engineering pathway and then possibly bioengineering or medical technology.   I’ll see what happens over the next few years.

Medley to me, means Family, Connection and Support.