High quality, ethically-sourced, and sustainable meals are provided three times daily.

Meals at Medley

The food provided at Medley Hall is of the highest quality. Three meals are provided each day during the semester and are served in the Dining Hall so you never have to think about cooking. There is a commitment to providing ethical and sustainable food, without comprising on taste.

Vegetarian options are always available and when meat is served (2 times per week) it comes from Victorian Farmers who employ environmentally-friendly farming practices. All eggs and chicken come from free range birds. Wherever possible, vegetables and fruits are organic and or locally sourced. Vegan, halal, gluten-free and specific allergy diets can also catered for.

A few days a  week dinners are served family style. On occasion, a guest or speaker may be invited to join the students for dinner and conversation.

Requesting an Early or Late Dinner

You can request an early or late dinner if you have a class scheduled during mealtimes. Take-away lunch can also be pre-ordered the day before if you need to be at University over lunchtime.


7.15-9.00am (from 8am at the weekend)

Typically breakfast includes cereal, yoghurt, toast and fruit. Hot options such as eggs, hash browns and roasted tomatoes are also available.


A hot lunch is served daily, alongside a selection of salads and fruit. Toasted sandwiches are also available.


A two course meal is served every day at dinner.

Sample weekly menu

Winter Menu August

Formal Dinners

Formal dinners are held four times per semester and attendance is expected. Academic gowns are not worn at Medley Hall, but neat casual dress is required, as per other mealtimes. At these dinners there is a high table and a speaker, and student musicians perform. Celebration dinners are held  four times per year and include Commencement Dinner and Valedictory Dinner. Participants wear evening attire and dine with college staff and invited guests.