Grace Mallinson (2017-19)

'Medley felt like a little community bringing people together in a secure and comfortable environment'.

Grace Mallinson
Grace is Currently working towards a Masters in Performance/Design at VCA and hoping to pursue a career in Theatre Design

Why did you choose Medley?

When I got my offer for the University of Melbourne, I knew I wanted to live  at a college. I wanted somewhere that was as small and close-knit and which felt like a real community,  ‘a family’. After researching and comparing colleges, I felt that Medley offered exactly the environment and all the values that I was  was looking for, especially diversity and sustainability.

What seemed like an impossible dream (coming from the Belllarine Peninsula), was soon made possible through the financial aid and the generosity of the Cybec Foundation which supported me throughout my time at Medley.

What do you like about living here? Favourite memories?

Meeting new people and getting to do new and exciting activities with new friends such as going to the Queen Victoria Market, walks to the Carlton Gardens, movie nights, baking in the student kitchen, community dinners in the dining hall – all felt like a little community bringing people  together in a secure and comfortable environment. One of ‘the great things about Medley is that everything is within close proximity to the CBD and you also feel the buzz of Lygon Street’.

What activities you have been involved with?

I was able to embrace many opportunities during my time at Medley by joining the Student Club Committee and becoming the ICAC (Intercollegiate, Activities Council) Representative. This gave me  the opportunity to work as in a great team with my Medley peers, and gain organization and networking skills by helping organize college activities such as intercollegiate drama events, sporting events with the broader college community.

Where are you at with your academic journey?

I am currently studying Masters in Performance/Design at the VCA.

Three words that best describe Medley.

Lively, Welcoming and Supportive.

What advice would you give to someone starting Uni?

Tell them not to be afraid and embarrassed in having to ask questions and trying to seize every opportunity that is given to you  especially living in a new city and new environment.