Nicole Davydova - 2021

'Before I came to Medley, I really didn’t think that local students went to colleges, that they were places for international and interstate students. It wasn’t until my friend got a scholarship to another college and encouraged me to apply as well that I considered it.'

Nicole Davydova - 2021
Nicole is currently studying second year of her Arts Degree. Pronouns 'she/her'

Medley wasn’t my first preference initially, but when I did more research I found that the values on the website aligned with my own and thought it would be a good place to be.

I didn’t really have any expectations because I hadn’t thought much about living at a college but there have been some really lovely bonuses!

I came to Medley in the second year of my Arts degree and my studies have gone really well this year. Having financial support from the Cybec foundation has meant that I’ve been able to dedicate more time to my academic studies without having to take on too much additional paid work.

I particularly appreciate the staff and tutors and the additional support they provide, and after the isolation of last year, I really enjoy having people around to hang out with. Even in lockdown here there are still people to talk to. I’ve been able to make friends easily and value that they are from so many different backgrounds. The location of Medley is so convenient too, being walking distance from the Uni and the city.

I wanted to make the most of my college experience and since living here I’ve become involved with the Student Club committee as the food rep. I connect the kitchen with students and organise special food events for celebrations. Eating together is such an important part of being at a college so it’s good to see the impact of my work.

Medley in 3 words: Small, Community, Inclusive