Restorying Medley

At Medley we care about where we live and take seriously our responsibility to engage with the past and present of the unceded Country on which Medley residents study and make a home.


The Restorying Medley project is a chance for students and staff to reflect on whose Country we live on and our relationships to the communities and Country of the Kulin Nations. A big part of this project is the relationships to plants on site – through the work of Trawlwoolway woman, Lauren Gower, Medley residents have been prompted throughout 2021 to ask what we know of plants: their history, their journeys, how they make us feel, and what they prompt us to reflect on.

In early 2022, we will be holding workshops with students, staff and sovereign custodians, to create new planting plans and commitments for the future. We are also looking forward to offering the following opportunities for staff and students to engage with:

  • Possum skin cloak workshops
  • The ‘what’s in a name’ Medley panel
  • Community workshops to create a vision for the planting practices and meeting places at Medley
  • Critical reading groups
  • A design brief for replanting the site

This project is supported by the Student Service Amenities Fees Grant. We are grateful for their support.