Learn more about how you will be supported during your time at college

Academic Program

Medley Hall has a number of resident and non-resident academic support staff who assist you in both academic course work and general approaches to studying. The holistic academic program is designed both to complement and extend the tutorials you attend at the University of Melbourne.

Medley offers five complementary forms of academic support, including:

  • Study Hall
  • Academic Workshops
  • Group Subject-specific Academic Support
  • Academic Consults
  • Intercollegiate Tutorials

Because Medley is a small college, we have the opportunity to come together every Monday night after dinner for Study Hall – a supportive environment where you can work alongside your fellow Medley residents, under the guidance of academic support staff. This is an opportunity to learn new study techniques and get to know your new Medley friends, while adjusting to expectations of university coursework and assessment.

To further support your transition from school to university, at the start of each academic year, Medley offers weekly Academic Workshops for the first month of semester. Led by prominent academics in a range of disciplines, the workshops provide a strong foundation for academic success.

Subject-specific academic support is held at Medley when there are four or more students undertaking a particular subject; this means that very popular or core first year subjects are those most likely to be covered. For instances where you just need a check in, or a specific skill refresher, Academic Consults are also available in a one-on-one setting.

Medley Hall residents may attend tutorials offered by the other Colleges of the University of Melbourne as part of the tutorial program. Each semester tutorials in over two hundred subjects are offered by the Colleges.

Wellbeing Program

The wellbeing program at Medley recognises that the young people who make Medley a home are more than just students. The program is mostly provided by Residential Tutors and is responsive to students’ interests and needs. In 2020, the program has included yarning circles, weekly yoga and meditation, creative practice gatherings, informal soccer games, care packs, and workshops with external providers such as Drummond St Services.

All staff members at Medley have a pastoral care role. Residential Tutors provide immediate support to all students, including out-of-hours support. The Principal, Deputy Principal and Professional staff team are also committed to the very best pastoral care for our students and with the tutors, are positioned to make informed and appropriate referrals to local health care and other services. All staff are trained in mental health first aid.

We are continually building our relationships with a range of mental health providers, to meet the diverse support preferences of Medley students. The Melbourne University Counselling Service is a key provider, which offers free counselling to all university students and staff.